Women Equality Day 2016

By Guardian TV   |   26 August 2016   |   9:15 am  
As the world marks Women Equality Day, Guardian TV speaks with a cross-section of Nigerians. Here is what they have to say.
  • Mazi JO

    Bravo! This women’s equality Day is none like other ones. The bigger thing to note will be the election of Secretary Hillary Clinton to the Citadel of Democracy – the indomitable United States of America. It spells fairness. It spells equity. It spells recognition overdue after centuries of enfranchisement.

  • Too much pseudo talk now that we R moving by
    “nuclear-power”, Y do we have talk just in 2 square window talk.
    Womyn have always been equal in the so-called masculine dominant societies.
    What the masculine did was first make sure the feminine and child R safe in homesteads,
    primarily, then endure his life out there in the wilderness for the love,
    protection and development of society. Engage us in talk with love and
    appreciation for our ancestry from which we learn, our daily struggles and the
    future. I mean google a video clip “Africa rhythm – foli” look at the pattern
    of things, from the feminine at homestead to the masculine in out there in the
    wilderness and then tell yourself the truth, not pseudo talk.

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