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Nigeria to begin yam export in June

By CNBC   |   12 June 2017   |   3:25 pm  
Nigeria is expected to export its first batch of yams to the United Kingdom and the United States on the 29th of June; a move that will bolster the country's attempts to diversify its export earnings.
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  • Olu Ola Osomalo

    Incredible! When there is no food in nigeria for nigerians to eat, when they sell a paint of gaari @N1, 100.00 against N200 the initial amount before the change era, a tuber of yam before the change era was N200 for a big one, now it is sold for N1, 500 upward for a tuber of yam, the other time they stopped Nigeria beans from entering europe, YES of course the indication is we should first feed ourselves before we begin to claim what we are not. Nigerians are hungry, Nigerians are homeless, we need food to feed our family, there is no abundant of food yet, government is exporting food. Please my government, first make this yam available for poor man to eat, i traveled to my village where pounded yam is our favourite food, our mortal was dusty with cobwebs, when i asked my people why, some agents came and bought everything from the vulnerable farmers at cheaper amount. No yam in the market anymore, the little available ones were sold at exorbitant rate. Please make food available at home before exporting.

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