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Alleged N400m fraud: I can’t be convicted, Metuh finally breaks silence

By Oak TV   |   21 April 2018   |   8:16 am  
Alleged N400m fraud: I can’t be convicted, Metuh finally breaks silence
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  • Emeka

    Lies and falsehood did characterize all this man said. If you look or listen closely to his statement, you would have a second thought to knowing he’s telling lies, and is guilty of money laundering. It’s not for him or me to say, the court would determine whether he’s guilty or not, and he does not have the powers to be the accuse and judge at the same time. If the court says he’s innocent, he walks free, but if the court says otherwise, then he does his time in jail, as simple as that.

    • Kunle Apata

      It is not for us to judge on cases that are in court .
      But I am always at a loss when some Nigerians fall sick whenever they have cases.

  • Ambrose Ukwuegbu

    Olisa Metuh why not enter “for pledge bargain like other looters” and refund the #400million loot, or large part of it, to regain your freedom instead of “pretending to be sick” to obtain sympathy or, fair judgement from the courts.

    Before the 2015, elections you boasted at one function in Owerri that you’ve jettisoned your legal profession to the more profitable and money spinning politics “where loafers reap what they didi not sow”. At some point you tried to invoke “ethnic bias” against you by the EFCC.

    When your principal “dashed you the #400million” of tax payers money, why did you not ask him the source? You simply smilled to the bank to cash the cheque and your family and cronies benefitted from the loot. And now the “ides of march” has come upon you to pay back the people’s money. Why were you not “sick then after you collected the whooping #400m”? You cannot fool the courts with “fake sickness”, You’re well and you should refund the money to the government of the day. I’m sure next time you’ll enter the court with “coffin for your exponential burial. Your time is running out.

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