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Buhari launches economic plan document for 2017-2020 roadmap

06 April 2017   |   5:20 am  
Buhari launches economic plan document for 2017-2020 roadmap.
  • John Tosh

    Mallam Buhari, do you know your recent illness was planned? Do you know you were poisoned? Do you know that the Central Intgelligence Agency Sabotages electrical projects and Ajaokuta steel plant in Nigeria? Who do you think supplies the arms to all the rebel groups in Nigeria?

    Another stupid Central Intelligence Agency plan. Invite Chinese leader to Florida, entertain him while you distract Russia with Tillerson visit and then sneak up and attack Syria.

    They forget the Chinese can coordinate with with Russians without President Xi being in China.

    Hopefully these fools start the war……. they are the weakest imbeciles on the planet, so everyone can get their hands on these terror sponsoring bastards!

    Meanwhile in Nigeria, Sanusi is a CIA asset and should please keep quiet. The CIA does what it wants, controls Nigeria’s senate by buying a few senators. They should be investigated for CIA Links. Everyone knows Clark, Atiku, El Rufai, Nnamani, and a bunch of others work for the Central Intelligence Agency. Why is the government not cracking down on these CIA agents and spies? Even Adams the Edo state Governor is on the list. Crack down on these CIA agents now.

    There should be a law against working for the CIA in Nigeria. China beware of your investments in Africa.. especially Nigeria. Russia must also be aware a new front has been opened by the CIA in Nigeria.

    A group of less than 50 Nigerian senators most of whom work for the Central Intelligence Agency just passed a law stating the Nigerian elections which have been hack-free has to be electronic. Electronic voting is the key to CIA manipulation of elections all over the world. What this means is, the CIA intends to install the next Nigerian president. There are a few CIA assets in Nigeria for example former president Atiku or El Rufai a governor of a state.

    The CIA intends to electronically hack Nigerian elections thereby installing CIA puppets as leaders of African countries. If this is allowed, then whole of Africa would become a branch of the Central Intelligence Agency and Russia China and a lot of countries would have to deal with the consequence.

    There are millions of people in Africa aware of this CIA plan and would approach the Chinese and Russians with various options. The CIA is only interested in destruction and chaos because in such a system, they are supreme a
    nd no one can stop them

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