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Fayose’s account frozen, accuses FG of persecution

By Channels TV   |   21 June 2016   |   4:07 pm  
  • ola

    That’s illegal whether you like this man or not.

    • james_grim_teacher

      It is actually not illegal if it is part of an investigation.

      • ola

        Unfortunately do not live in Nigeria. I am sure you guys have more insight than I do.Not an expert but this what I found”The fact of the matter is that EFCC does not have the right to freeze anyone’s account without a court order, and an order of the court can not be issued against a sitting governor. From what I read in the EFCC Act, the Commission is only empowered by law to seek an order of freezing account after the arrest of a suspect.” from a Nigerian blogger.

    • vic

      and it is legal to loot?????

      • ola

        it’s not okay to loot but there is what they call the rule of law.You need to sreve parties legal papers or advise them to seek legal advise.

        • vic

          did fayose obey the rule of law to loot?????

          • ola

            Not to be presumed guilty unless you have the evidence and must say later found guilty.That’s my 2 cent and you dont have to agree.

  • bobo

    na wah for Naija politics. Oyegun wey steal Edo State money na im be the cairman of APC and una wan tell me say dem serious about fighting corruption the right way, dat na lie.

  • vic

    a thief and a day light robber speaking???????

    fayose, you are now dead, buhari has finally nailed you. now get ready for kuje prison. you are downright big-mouth , a thief and a looter.

  • DON22

    It is rather unfortunate that Nigeria and Nigerians have found themselves in a dire situation where they are being led by a family that is full of deception, while pretending to be one with integrity. What a home.
    If the husband is not lying about how they are borrowing N27m to buy nomination forms when the wife is donating N300m to charity, the daughter is living a flashy lifestyle in the UK. If the husband is not lying that he is worth only 150 cows and a house in Kaduna, the wife is wearing a N10m wristwatch that she claimed was a gift. If the husband is not lying that he completed his secondary school certificate, while hiring 21 lawyers to appear in court on his behalf when asked to provide same, the wife is claiming it is another Aisha Buhari that was an accomplice in a $170m money laundering. How do we cope with such a family as a Nigerian first family?
    The level of dumbness and urgent response to defend their lies is another subject of concern. When the husband is not asking for the school to quickly release a fake WACE certificate in 2015 with a 73 year old man’s picture as that which was obtained in 1962, the wife is generating a fake passport issued in 2012 to replace that of an Aisha Buhari that was involved in money laundering in 2006.
    The level at which their folly is expressed in an attempt to fool Nigerians is legendary. To think that the International Passport of a pseudo Aisha Buhari appeared online 4 hours ago today only after the court judgement indicting the wife was made public is marvelous. In their little deceptive brains, they have ones again successfully deceived Nigerians.
    Yet unfortunately, these are the bunch of unintelligent criminals we have to deal with for another 3 years as the Nigerian first family. Nothing, not even one thing has appears intelligent or straightforward from these people. And interestingly, we have a conglomerate of clowns online that actually believe in them. What a world…
    Even the passport of the pseudo Aisha Buhari has a scarf on…..Scarfs are not allowed for international passports… Her two ears are covered which is not supposed to be
    How on earth would these clowns not even learn how to do one thing right..even when lying…

    • chemy

      From all your narrative above, you haven’t proven Fayose’s innocence. Zenith bank has come out to disown him. Detailing that the governor wanted the help of the bank at covering his misdeeds. You are here talking about Aisha Buhari. Where were u when the woman was revealed to be an impostor? If u read Fayose’s publication, the Aisha claim to be daughter or wife? You are building your condemnation of PMB on Fayose’s rant. Was he worth more than he claims to be worth? Did he need to get money from his wife to fund his nomination forms? Did the bank confirm the loan or not? Please get better facts and stop speculating.

      • DON22

        i do not speculate but hope you are enjoying how the whole thing is unfolding and the statement from American govt. use google as primary means of information. you can do better. they are same just different side of the cone ok.

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