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FG wants PDP deregistered

By Guardian Exclusive   |   27 March 2018   |   9:05 am  
At a news conference in Lagos on Sunday, the minister of information, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, said the PDP deserves to be de-registered for utter failure both as ruling and opposition party.
  • Christopher Adodo

    How can one political party tell another political party to deregistered?
    It is a joke, he must have lost his mind. Surely, a wishful thinking and possibly dreaming of dictatorship for the country.

  • josvinco

    Lai mohammed statement is undemocratic and thuggish. APC is a complete failure; insecurity, nepotism, sensationalism are its other name. They have no achievement expect to talk about corruption to which they are part of. Can Buhari account for the billions spent under defunct Petroleum Trust Fund ?

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