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Governor Fayose seeks prayers for President

By Channels   |   11 March 2017   |   5:57 am  
Governor Fayose seeks prayers for President,
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  • Chukwuma Nmesirionye

    I thought this same Governor asserted that the President did not travelled out of the country, but is hiding in a hotel in Abuja.

    • Buba Abubakar Danladi

      Bros the guy been chak (emu) Palm wine that time

  • Buba Abubakar Danladi

    OK ooh, fayose ashey. So shall it be, he pray for others so people will pray for him.

  • olujeda

    Fayose spoke nonsense He should pray for himself first. Is it Buhari alone that should put food on the tables, what of the governors like himself. What is he doing with the federal allocations he’s collecting. Rubbish. See his appearance like a motor park tout.

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