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I’ll do anything to safeguard Nigeria’s democracy – Obasanjo

By OakTV   |   04 February 2019   |   8:32 am  
I'll do anything to safeguard Nigeria's democracy - Obasanjo
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Olusegun Obasanjo
  • Raphael Sola Ologe

    The big question, who made him the custodian of democracy in Nigeria?
    He is simply jealous of the man in power. Unfortunately, he can’t reverse the hand of the clock. Baba, your time is over.

    • Soye Tj

      i don’t know too o -custodian of democracy -monarchical demo?maybe.May God deliver us all-the leaders& the led especially from our unlove & docility across the years.

  • apinofiga


  • Chinaza

    Ur name is sorry

  • Soye Tj


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