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Inter-agency rivalry: Sharing $1billion security fund will be a problem, says Dino Melaye

By OakTV   |   17 April 2018   |   5:14 am  
The Senate has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to intervene in security interagency rivalry, describing the development as not just ridiculing the nation locally, but also portrayed the country as a country without coordination and honour at the international level.
  • Chukwuma Nmesirionye

    The 1billion dollars? Is the money meant to be shared by the security agencies? Is the money no longer meant for the purchase of arms, ammunitions and military hardwares, so as to shore up the war against terrorism in the North East/North Central?

    But wait a minute! Is this not the vocal senator wanted by the Police Command of his home state? The evasion of arrest by this particular senator should per force reinforce the call for STATE POLICE. Why is the vocal senator is not seizing the political vendetta against him to canvass for the decentralisation of the Nigeria Police? And he was there talking inter security agencies’ squabbles!

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