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N505m Scandal: Justice Ngwuta lied about age, missing passport’ – Witness

By OakTV   |   04 July 2017   |   11:48 am  
A prosecution witness in the trial of Justice Sylvester Ngwuta of the Supreme Court has said the judicial officer lied about his actual age and his report to the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) that the diplomatic passport issues him in 2014 was missing.
  • Phillip Ijoma

    The Nigerian immigration Service (NIS) should be very ashamed of themselves. If a passport is reported stolen or lost by an individual and subsequently cancelled and a new one issued, why was that individual still able to present it for travel or return to Nigeria using that same passport on numerous occasion? Obviously, NIS is dysfunctional. It is only in Nigeria that this nonsense can occur.

    • Mazi JO

      What of the Justice who should’ve known better being a big fish in the whole legal arrangement?

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