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Nigerian youth are angry that Buhari questioned their work ethic

By OakTV   |   22 April 2018   |   5:30 am  
Nigerian youth are lashing out at president Muhammadu Buhari after he told a business forum in London that young people in his country think they need "do nothing" to enjoy free homes, hospitals and schooling because they live in an oil-rich country.
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  • Emmanuel Sunday Bilewu

    I listened to many comments about their
    complaints against Buhari’s government that they had done nothing for them. It’s a pity that none of them ever think of what they can do for the country NIGERIA to make it great. They always mentioned United States of AMERICA, president Kennedy once said to all Americans to think of what they can do for AMERICA. How many Nigerians youth ever say what they can do to make NIGERIA state great.
    A legal SAN once said that the Nigeria vehicle that Buhari is driving was a broken vehicle left by a handling over driver, how on earth can any professional driver drive such a vechile without first put the broken vechile into a working condition before continue the journey of building the country, note that any journey that will require another driver taking over from coming driver, such vechile must be a working vechile, when such a driver after stopping to have a changing over , and during such a period of handling over and resting, he removed essential working parts from the vechile wirhout the knowledge of the incoming driver, youth can such a vechile move to perform? such is the country vehicle that Buhari was given to drive. He can’t expect a good government to act in such a bad faith.
    American government you are making references about had never done so in history.
    His military rule cannot be compeared now in civilian and democracy government. All yourh must be realistic in their thinking about this government,
    The bottom of a cooking pot must be hot before bringing out a good and eatable food.
    What was the amount of Megawatt of power when this government took over and what is the present Megwatt generated, the bad eggs still within and outside are our problems, let all the youth join forces to fight the bad eggs amonsg the populace to save the country.
    OBJ knew in his heart that the president meant well and knew those who are working against this government, he should come out to fight them instead of using the media he doesn’t welcome during his period in power.
    Youthful ages had being in control of states
    as governors and national assemble, what had been their efforts, soughting youths now don’t seems to be the answers to our problems.
    Sincerity of purpose and righteousiness in our dealings will go a long way. If a geniune satistics is taking in rulers and national assemble members were taking from 1960 todate, you will see that soughting of youth takeover is just a misfiring of issues.
    Our elite must be checked to see that they do prepared to help in shapping the country. (NBA)
    Nigeria nation is destined to be grate and so Nigeria must be great.
    May God be with us all Nigerians. Long live Nigeria and be in peace. Think of our populations and its diversities.

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