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Nobody gives me credit for conducting Nigeria’s freest election – Babangida

By Channels   |   17 April 2018   |   9:14 am  
Former Nigerian military president, Ibrahim Babangida has said nobody gives me credit for conducting Nigeria's freest election.
  • chukwubueze ogeniile

    Madness! Which credit!! Why do people interview this vegetable?? You are the foundation of nigeria problems. You should confess all your evil before it becomes too late.

  • Christopher Adodo

    A scuzzy interview, with a predictable alibi to shift the burden of proof to the next generation, who may not have facts to work with in the first place.
    He had the opportunity once again to clear the air on what exactly happened but chose to leave it to the next generation.
    He boxed himself to a corner from numerous deception, and he is still on that path, with no apology to the Nigerian people.

  • Oke j.

    I feel very sorry for this man… One can see that he is the most insufferable man in this country today…

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