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Northern group demands UN intervention to resolve Biafra issue

By Channels   |   15 February 2018   |   2:57 pm  
Northern group demands UN intervention to resolve Biafra issue.
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  • After snakes had swallowed the money belonging to the country? REFERENDUM only way.

  • Frank Oti

    Northern Group, what does that mean? Are they speaking for the North, don’t believe them. They should be proscribed immediately. No unity in their voice and utterances. A dangerous group. All sounding Fulas.

  • musa

    Give them their Biafra, every honest student of history knows Ibo agitation for Biafra was born out of marginalization

  • Christian Arinze Chukwuma

    This privileged idiots that called themselves Arewa youths are imbeciles. How can you demand for Nnamdi Kanu and Biafra to be named Terrorists group when you are demanding the UN conduct referendum for them as the only way out? I think I see ignorantly foolish people in this clip now.

  • Christian Arinze Chukwuma

    It very unfortunate that this people are destroying Nigeria as well. Sometimes I asked myself what is wrong with humans? Someone who is demanding for freedom of his people should be named a terrorist, but those who terrorise Nigerians and others on the daily basis are just innocent people.

    The agitation for Biafra is just. You can’t keep me down and believe I must not struggle to regain myself from you. You killed millions because of the oil in my land which the European terrorist Britain has handed you over to, and you think biafrans will keep quite? Funny. When this war comes, I will feel sorry for Nigerians. Because it won’t be the same like 1967. This time that the world has made to know the truth, Nigeria will pay heavily on it.

  • Izu- Biafra 2-4-7

    Bunch of terrorist talking about Biafra, we the Biafrans will never have anything dealing with this Ariwa terrorist group lead by Buhari

  • Gas Gasted Gasted

    i said it long ago that i saw another nnamdi kanu in northern part of nigeria mr yerima-shettima,pls press on and always stand for justice,as biafrans need to go,but pls ignor your elders advice which said ipobs are terrorist,we all know that you people are force to labelled ipob terrorist group,we know that history will remember you if biafrans independent comes from this forum,keep well.

  • Fair_Justice

    That these despicable Fulani terrorists has the impetus to call gpr the proscription of Biafrans and that demand was met to the latter by their Fulani terror government speaks volume. However, the main blame goes to those struggling for leadership and titles of Biafra movement with no vision or plan like Nnamdi Kanu who self-appointed supreme leader with nothing but empty noise to show for it.
    Anyone or group not ready to do the needful and ‘speak’ the only language these wild savages understand should please stay away.

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