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Obasanjo visits Jonathan, says it’s a meeting of brothers

By Channels   |   18 February 2018   |   5:46 am  
Obasanjo visits Jonathan, says it's a meeting of brothers.
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  • Johnny Oraefo

    Can this visit of Chief Obasanjo to former President Jonathan Good Luck,be a starting point of better things to come? I should think so! Obasanjo is an Elder Statesman that people are looking up to say or do something for the on-ward movement of the country called Nigeria. Right now, nothing is happening or is it why people call Nigeria- “a sleeping Giant”? It’s high time something tangible happens in Nigeria for that country to move forward again. People like Chief Obasanjo and other Elder Statesmen including me, must say or do something, otherwise, the world will continue to see us as a “SHIT HOLE” country. Any wonder United States President, Donald Trump called Haitians (African descendants) and entire Africa “SHIT HOLE COUNTRIES” Sent by Elder Johnny Oraefo-USA

    • dswt1

      what legacy did Obasanjo leave behind when he had his own chance to govern Nigeria for over 10 years? And what moral right does obasanjo has to comment on Nigeria? Go and rest

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