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PDP does not belong to any governor – Ali Modu Sheriff

By Channels   |   20 February 2017   |   4:22 am  
PDP does not belong to any governor - Ali Modu Sheriff.
  • Christopher Adodo

    Mr. Sheriff, did you mean to say elected PDP members of House of Representatives and the Senate, and not Ministers.
    However, you might be correct in your assessment, but you are missing the fundamental of democracy. That is the electability of your party by the electorate.
    Therefore, elected governors in your political party are very important to your party, and it is wrong to rubbish their importance to the whole World.
    And you cannot destroy your political party because of your personal ambition and greed.
    If you stay in your current path, and utterances it is doubtful if you can reconcile your political party.
    Because Nigerians needs a strong opposition party, and not a divided one.
    At present no one is rebranding PDP, instead there is massive power infighting.
    And I assure you that Nigerians will not forget easily the mal-administration of PDP government, from 1999-20015.
    This is the more reason that your party needs rebranding.

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