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PDP replies Uzor Orji Kalu on killing allegation

By OakTV   |   02 June 2018   |   8:45 am  
The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has called on former Abia state governor, Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu to explain to Nigerians his role in the killings of people during its congresses as the party does not kill, neither does it contract assassins.
  • Prof. Sebastian O. Uremadu

    If PDP spokesman and his party know those ”we killed or used to kill” statement of OUK, let them name them name and take him to court for prosecution! Who does not know that Nigerian politicians across the divide used to kill and are still killing to grab power?

  • Prof. Sebastian O. Uremadu

    PDP spokesman, the ”WE” were members of PDP while he was in PDP. this WAS raw truth. OUK was never mensing words in what he said he did while he was in PDP. If you you want him to tell you those they killed or who killed them in PDP. which is a party affair , you bring him back into PDP and request him to testify or prove it! unfortunately he is now in a different party.

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