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Row in Reps as Rep. Kayode beg lawmakers to step down Buhari’s impeachment moves

By OakTV   |   26 April 2018   |   5:00 am  
Tension rose in the House of Representatives on Tuesday over President Muhammadu Buhari letter requesting National Assembly’s approval of $496,374,470 for the purchase of Super Tucano Aircraft from the United States government.
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  • gtjimoh

    Theresa May recently attacked another country before telling the house, nobody called for her impeachment because they agreed it was in the interest of UK. The president explained his actions were driven by the security challenges in the country, yet some stupid house member did not understand.
    Very soon Nigerians will match into Abuja to sack those bagars tagged honourables.

    • Salami Olanrewaju Tosin

      Is Nigeria UK please use your common sense joor

    • Onyekachi Valentine

      If he is not impeached, one day a president will wake up and make away with all the money in the country’s coffer. The Representatives are doing the right thing. It shows that the interest of the poor Nigerians are in their hearts.

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