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Saraki to Nigerian government: Scrap ‘Trader moni’ now, APC reacts

By OakTV   |   07 December 2018   |   5:27 am  
Saraki to Nigerian government: Scrap 'Trader moni' now, APC reacts.
  • Samuel Adeniyi

    Stupid man, scrap it if you can nonentity

  • Kaycee

    Useless man, it took you 7months to pass our Federal Budget just to sabotage the Federal Govt. Trader moni is not for You, it’s for the poor traders, if they don’t want the 10k loan they won’t collect. It’s not by force. Saraki and his criminal gang are not happy because nothing comes through them anymore. It’s directly going from FG to the suffering people of Nigeria.

  • Dapo Akin

    This guy is just a senseless moron .. desperation at its peak !! Kirikiri awaits you and your gang

  • curseless

    Saraki is a buffoon. This is the same man who recently said he spent N400 million to campaign for Buhari in 1915 and the question is where did he get that kind of money from to canvass for Buhari? The sanate chairman must have been sleeping when this scheme was passed. He is an idiot

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