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Senate orders NNPC to pay sacked staff owed entitlements

By OakTV   |   20 October 2017   |   9:00 am  
Senate orders NNPC to pay sacked staff owed entitlements.
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  • duwdu

    I don’t know why the Guardian is in the habit of headlining statements from the senate as “orders?”

    According to the senate’s statement itself, “the Senate recommends…” So the Guardian just sensationalized a story here, just as it’s been doing with some of its stories of recent.

    Another example of this type of sensationalism was the paper’s headline and report that the Senate “ordered” the NPA to revert NPA’s recent revocation of its contract with Intels.

    Only a court of competent jurisdiction can legally nullify the actions of either the executive or the legislature, on any issue. The Senate or HoR do not have the power to give an order to the executive, AND vice-versa. Only a court can give an order over a conflict.


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