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We will sue Buhari if he doesn’t seek re-election – Gov Ganduje

By Channels   |   09 April 2018   |   10:11 am  
Well will sue Buhari if he doesn't seek re-election - Gov Ganduje
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Muhammadu Buhari
  • ubong

    No need making noise Buhari to regional leaders like u, is the best thing to comes from northern region. No need to elaborate from appointments, untouchables herdsmen and political (not national ) corruption misinformation and first of it kibd trajectory of religious and regional division that he careless about, particularly if the noise is coming from conquered and hugely divided regions of middle belt and southern region. I salute Buhari and core northern political strategists that were able to blind and make sure the sred of division among southerners is bever abated while north remain homogenous and monolithic

  • Johnny Oraefo

    Anyone talking about Mohammed Buhari going for the second term is insane. The truth of the matter is the fact that Mr. Buhari has reached his destination in politics. Let him see the stop sign ahead of him. Most importantly, God the Ruler of the universe has rejected him. He (Buhari) fooled the people by using false manifesto-“Running for a change”. It eventually proved to be his personal agenda to set our beautiful country Nigeria back. Let me make this projection, and of course a prophetic announcement that Mr. Buhari will not come close to people destined at this point to move Nigeria forward. The good Lord has ordained a young man from the South to lead Nigeria to a promised land. This young man who will be highly favored and supported by people will take the mantle of piloting Nigeria to a secured position, and thus give Nigeria the position it deserves in the comity of nations. This young man (name withheld) will have a more reliable northerner as his running mate, or better still someone who has the interest of Nigeria at heart, and not those looking for money grabbing. Sorry Mr. Buhari! Your tenure of office has expired and please do yourself a favor by not trying to force yourself or consider another term.” A word Is Enough For The Wise”.
    Elder Johnny N. Oraefo-USA

  • Uche Ozoemelam

    Are we Nigerians that mentally deficient that we can not do away with all these analogue leaders? .If I may reference Mo. Ibrahim comment on African Leaders and there quest to remain in power. The idea that you want to rule even we you are very old, on wheel chair is inimical to the collective interest of African nations. Nigeria youths, rise up and possess, reshape you destiny.

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