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Why we are not worried about security threats – Yakubu Gowon

By CNBC   |   11 February 2019   |   1:01 pm  
As the countdown to Nigeria's 2019 begins, CNBC Africa's Dara Rhodes spoke to Yakubu Gowon, former Head of state of Nigeria about national unity and security concerns.
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Yakubu Gowon
  • Ambrose Ukwuegbu

    Ashamed by Gowon’s statement. He’s certainly lost reasonable conscience. To state that: “why we are not worried about security threats” is because the treat comes from northward axes.

    Had the security imperatives come from eastward, the neo-colonists would have declare war and pogrom against Ndigbo. His thinking and other oppressors like him is the reason the “nation exists as a mere geographical expression” where tribe, tongue and religion, is divisive, forever.

    A nation divided in nationalism can not unite no matter the “sermon on the mount”. Unity is not “earned by preaching it on roof tops”. It is giving reasonable affectivity and neutrality to every citizen from east, west and north, in equal measure. Let evidence prove the “unity”.

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