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Obama says Trump ‘capitalizing on resentments’

By Bloomberg   |   08 September 2018   |   3:30 pm  
Former President Barack Obama speaks about voter participation and President Donald Trump at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
  • Lal Matthew

    With all due respect,
    Until two years ago l thought Obama was above than average. Now l have a feeling he really shrouded with drugs and good times in Harvard, instead of gathering the great wealth called knowledge. Yes, Obama Americans hired you for a job but seems they forgot to tell you how to do your job. While you as our President, this world has lost 1/3:rd of everything especially America. Let’s remember an old saying, the boys can not do a men’s job rather they just talk, just like you.
    Please don’t hate the messenger,
    The Game Changer,

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