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President Trump’s approval rating ticks upwards

By Bloomberg   |   19 March 2018   |   4:57 am  
Peterson Institute for International Economics Senior Fellow Jacob Kirkegaard weighs in on President Trump's approval rating.
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  • Ola

    Trump’s approval rate is rising because America is a very racist country .Most are still battling with the “unconscionable” phenomenon of a black man in the white house even as an ex president. Obamaphobia is the reason why the denagogue russian agent is being tolerated. He once boasted on the that if he shot someone on the 5th ave he would win. He knows how deep racism and Obamaphobia is in America and like a true demagogue he is exploiting the weakness of the people. This man is an expert in playing one group of people against the other. He tried to pitch the America n black against africans living in America and many American blacks are now having animosity to Africans

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