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Trump warns Russia ‘Get Ready,’ Syria missiles coming

By Bloomberg   |   12 April 2018   |   4:53 am  
President Donald Trump says relations with Moscow have never been worse as he warns Russia to "get ready" for U.S. missiles in Syria.
  • Dmitry Baranov

    Keep calm, my friends! The war is inevitable and it’ll start soon. It’s a pity that lots of people will die due to a decision of one moron to hit Syria and not believing that Russia would respond. Enjoy the last peaceful days ’cause the world will be changed soon forever.

  • Christopher Adodo

    Which side are you? Its sound like a
    propaganda machine for the west.
    Which is very similar to the events leading to Iraq invasion, including Libya bombardment.
    Your story was presented as if clamoring for war.
    But be careful war is not the answer.

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