‘We must do more to protect children’s dreams’ – Beckham

By Reuters   |   21 November 2019   |   1:59 pm  
UNICEF Goodwill Ambassadors David Beckham and Millie Bobby Brown commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child on World Children's Day.
  • Lyle Matthew

    With all due respect to readers,
    Go and grab some of your EX. Prime Ministers those are in early unemployment lane because of their position and failures on African corruption by the help of a shadow financial and banking system in Europe and in U K ended up now calling the Brexit. Two delusional lazy parasites fighting for their survival. All of you can do a lot in Africa especially in Nigeria, so you can have enough needed voice if you are just not playing to the gallery with Children’s lives. I heard, even President Yahoo boy Buhari is thinking about his next Child Wife after so many Nigerian elites are already did the same or doing the same under Sharia and polygamy in Nigeria. Soon UN must tell the world what they going to do with these millions of unwanted, poor , illiterated Nigerian children born with child wives, sharia and polygamy and most likely they going to be the future boko Boko Haram fighters or just the daily kidnappers. Additionally, when talking about protecting children, I am sure you know about the female genital mutilation also going on in Africa especially in Nigeria as well. Good luck with your mission and stay tuned.
    Lal Matthew

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